Religion on social networks

I am a fairly regular user of social networks, I use Facebook and Google+ (which is a mature, recommendable social network, with a higher level of information exchange). Recently I was struck by the amount of jokes or derogatory posts about religion that are circulating around. The tendency is to hint to or show that to hold a religious belief is equal to being a fool. I have taken a few of these, and even laughed at some, but after a while, as a result of a nauseating accumulation,  I had to retort somehow in an attempt to demonstrate that the implication that faith equals foolishness is false.

Since I have been instructed that my replies were too lengthy for a social network (apparently the reason why no-one replied back… I was intending to stimulate a discussion) I decided to repost them here. So in the next two posts I shall report the original post or joke that trigger my comment.

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