Migration into Europe


I did a 10 minutes research right now to give me some numbers to estimate the size of immigration into Europe. I wanted to have a cold estimate to have an idea about the real size of the phenomenon, before any political analysis.

I compared several internet sources, which for lack of time now I will not quote, but I have cross-checked for reliability. And I have made some simple approximations.

I found that in 2010, the EU with 28 member states had 500 M (million) inhabitants, of which 30 M where born outside the EU, i.e. 6%. This number includes all people born outside the EU, which means everyone (that entered some form of census) from the illegal immigrant, to the asylum seeker, to the regular foreign economic migrant or worker.

I estimated also that from the beginning of 2015 (the “official” beginning of the so-called Europe migration crises) about 2 M people additionally entered into Europe, originally mainly from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and many African Countries. So this latest wave of influx amounts to 0.4% of the internal population.

I overestimated all calculations on purpose to make the argument stronger. So, the conclusion is that these days we should see, at most and on average, among us, one extra person every 250 of us. If every 250 of us we were able to help 1 fellow human being, we would do very well. Put like this, it seems entirely possible. And therefore it should be done.

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One Response to Migration into Europe

  1. egidiobabuin says:

    I find very interesting your analysis, which give us a different view of the migration situation. I wonder for the result in term of real impact on the inhabitants due to an human additional presence (“human” not “alien”)! I woul suggest to compare this phenomenon with a similar one ocured in the past, buth by considering all directions: S-N, N-S, E-W, W-E. (Roman empire, middle age, Italy XIX century, colonialism period…..). Maybe we will be surprised! Egidio.

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