As the slate above says, this is the beginning of a take on the art of flirtation. Flirting with the idea to keep a blog, more or less casually, where I keep track of some of my thoughts. I will post here writings conceived specifically for this space, but also I will redirect here pieces that I wrote elsewhere, but that perhaps are nice to share.

Regarding the “about me” that I am supposed to write here, well, I am just going to recycle what I wrote a couple of moths ago for Google+. Here it is.

I am supposed to help you understand if this is the Simone you know. I am that tall, thin, clumsy Italian bloke. The one who is enthusiastic at almost everything, but excels nearly at nothing, but to be true scores a fairly decent average at most things. A pancake, not a sky-scraper. I am a scientist, but a humanist at heart. Purporting to be a spiritual person, but rather stuck when spirituality is meant to shed useful light on life. People ackowledge that I make them feel good and comfortable, and I accept this is one of my assets. What limits me most in life is the lack of a real dream, but, while I look for it, I am having a pretty interesting time here on this Earth. I am also someone who takes things a little bit too seriously, for example with this little Google+ intro.

And about the blog title, “A scandal in Bohemia”…  it’s the title of the first short story  in the legendary collection “The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes”. I found it fitting…

Curriculum Vitae


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